Tuesday, December 21, 2021

poem 6116

by dog e relaford

arthur prefers apples
bananas are betty’s faves
cats are her revered masters
dogs are her devoted slaves

a lizard is only a lizard
but a butterfly can be a cow
that was not the way it used to be
but that is the way it is now

einstein is waiting outside in the rain
with his fedora on his head
he seems to have forgotten his umbrella
and his dog is not named fred

i wish i was a dinosaur
with a planet to call my own
the queen of sheba would visit me on tuesdays
and bring me an ice cream cone

so many thoughts run through my head
i can not control them all
i walk the streets at midnight
bouncing a tennis ball

i am sorry you do not care for me
i wish we could be friends
we could revolutionize world finance together
when the moose hunting season ends


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