Wednesday, December 15, 2021


by bofa xesjum

the little red rooster ran down the road
with the wolf behind him, so his pace never slowed
he ran and ran until he came to the border
where old judge harsh called the court to order

the rooster and the wolf were placed in a cell
and for a while they got along well
a tv set was bolted to the wall
and it was on winter summer and fall

they watched general hospital and the view
because to their own selves they were true
the sheriff would look in once in a while
and favor them with his nicest smile

outside in the distance thunder rolled
it got hot, then it got cold
then one day an event occurred
which no one would have preferred

the world acquired brand new masters
and the old ways away were casted
all the prisoners were set free
in a general amnesty

the rooster was free to run again
as if the jail had never been
the wolf for his part had grown old
as the prophets had foretold

the sheriff opened a hot dog stand
for which there was but small demand
judge harsh returned to his family manse
where he does not sing or dance

this story has no happy ending
and no message will be sending
the tough get going and the going gets tough
if you just wait long enough

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