Wednesday, December 29, 2021

faces of the secret ones

by bofa xesjum

albert felt that his life was meaningless.

betty knew that she was destined for something extraordinary.

chuck dreamed of developing a revolutionary new process which would transform the world.

david went home at night and read books by revolutionary thinkers.

ernestine had subversive thoughts.

frank enjoyed male privilege.

greta was the office clown.

harry believed that all power should be in the hands of the people.

imogene had important friends, but they never did much for her.

jennifer felt guilty about her white privilege.

ken was a natural man.

lulu had secret reactionary thoughts

mike was attracted to fascism.

nella collected indigenous art

oliver wanted to write a groundbreaking screenplay

pauline just wanted to have a good time

quentin craved the sensational, and disdained the mundane

roberta carried herself with an imperialist air

sammy was a groundbreaking critic of vintage comic books

teresa gloried in being a mediocrity

uncle joe never broke new ground

veronica accused all her friends of being hypocrites

willie was one of the good guys

ecstasy claimed to be descended from the original inhabitants of earth

yack wanted to be accepted as a human being

zelda took compliments and criticism with the same bad grace

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