Thursday, December 2, 2021

are you satisfied?

by anonymous

are you satisfied with the way the universe is being run?

because you should not be.

contrary to what you were taught in school and by your parents or guardians, the people who rule the world are not good people.

denial will get you nowhere, because the day is coming.

empty your brain.

follow the path of truth.

the great city grows larger every year.

how can it be resisted?

people pass each other by in the streets without speaking.

it is just a matter of time before the explosion.

would be kings watch from every window.

they have learned their lessons well.

and yet mcdonalds and burger king continue to feed the multitudes.

the multitudes who care nothing for the truth.

and are oblivious to their true selves.

the prophets put ketchup on their spicy fries.

it is quiet in the park.

the rabbits have lost all fear and continue to reproduce.

the children are sad.

it was not supposed to be this way.

do you begin to understand?

it’s very clear, the elite will not give up without a struggle.

what is to be done?

i expect you would like to know the answer.

i apologize for my youthful innocence, and resolve to be more specific and goal-oriented in the future.

thank you for your patience.

it can not have been easy for you.

a representative will assist you as soon as the next one is available.

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